Apr 15, 2022 • 11M

Let Him Die?

Star Trek Ethics & Morality

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Kristin McTiernan
Fiction makes us better, wiser people. Though it can be tempting to reach for the nonfiction section to seek your best self, the answer is often found in stories, tropes, and characters. Worth the Telling breaks down stories (in film, television, and books) into digestible essays and analyzes how those stories inform our society and our choices.
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Would it surprise you to know that clips of the Star Trek shows are routinely shown in military basic training and academies? If you aren’t a big fan of scifi, it may surprise you to know that Star Trek is famous for tackling complex questions of morality and ethics, making the audience wonder what we would have done in such a situation. This episode examines one such morality scenario, one where both sides of the conflict are coming from a place of honor and care, making it all the more difficult to decide who is right.

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