Mar 7, 2022 • 12M

The X-Files: Faith or Foolishness?

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Kristin McTiernan
Fiction makes us better, wiser people. Though it can be tempting to reach for the nonfiction section to seek your best self, the answer is often found in stories, tropes, and characters. Worth the Telling breaks down stories (in film, television, and books) into digestible essays and analyzes how those stories inform our society and our choices.
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The conflict between people of faith and skeptics has raged in all societies, including our current one. Many works of fiction have masterfully depicted the fine line one must walk between believing in the unseen and being taken advantage of, but few so well as The X-files episode, Signs and Wonders (Season 7). This episode examines how the show managed to make a moral point without really making a religious one, even though the episode was ostensibly about religion.

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