Apr 8, 2022

Who is Watching The Watchmen?

And what are they trying to tell us?

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Kristin McTiernan
Fiction makes us better, wiser people. Though it can be tempting to reach for the nonfiction section to seek your best self, the answer is often found in stories, tropes, and characters. Worth the Telling breaks down stories (in film, television, and books) into digestible essays and analyzes how those stories inform our society and our choices.
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HBO's 2019 Watchmen series divided the internet even before it was released, with fans of the graphic novel disliking the narrative direction of the show and the clear political leanings of the show’s writings. However, the writers actually used those political leanings… to conceal its biggest plot spoilers. In this episode, we discuss the implications of the version of the US this miniseries takes place in, and whether or not the show took their narrative a step too far.

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