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Stories are how humans learn and grow, so telling them correctly is a skill that could very well change someone's life.

With over 15 years of experience as a full-time author and editor, I've been helping people craft fictional tales and transform true stories into un-put-downable masterpieces. The Nonsense-Free Writers is dedicated to passing on the art of storytelling and providing valuable resources for writers and readers alike.

No matter what stage of your writing journey you are in, Nonsense-Free Writers is here to take you to the next stage.

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Authors looking to complete their first novel or memoir will find guidance on independent publishing, crafting a riveting story, and avoiding scams targeting authors.

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You should also check out the Nonsense-Free Editor Channel on YouTube for video-based tutorials and commentary for the author community.

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If you’ve finished at least one book, you’ve already absorbed the basics on writing and self-publishing. Now it’s time to take your style and knowledge to the next level.

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For those with a work in progress, I highly recommend joining our Writer’s Critique Group, which gives you the opportunity to submit your own work for feedback from me and the experienced authors in the group, plus grow your own critiquing skills by offering your insights to other WIPs.

And, of course, The Nonsense-Free Editor is available for developmental editing, ghostwriting, and self-publishing services!

We’re dedicated to growing you as an author! Join us today and become part of a vibrant community of storytellers, readers, and indie publishers.

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Kristin McTiernan

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